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About Flexible Shaft Grinders

It is wonderfull tools which are widely used in most of the foundries producing Cast Iron, Steel casting, forging shop, various fabrication shops and rubber retreading. These are used for finishing operations to remove unwanted portion of the Job produced. It is most convenient method to finish the heavy or lengthen jobs, in which case it is not possible to move the job or to handle for grinding. The flexible shaft grinders give freedom to the operator to finish the job without handling it. The constant speed, high cutting speed, Load carrying capacity, tool can be changed in fraction of second(i.e. from wheel to mounted point or carbide burrs, RAA, buffing tool, sanding disc, etc) can be used in restricted areas are some of the added advantages of these grinders. It gives most comfort to operator and reduces fatigue, enhance production and can be used for variety of task, from grind with wheel-mounted point-TC burrs,-buffing, polishing, sanding, etc. The hand piece of these is having less weight than electric and pneumatic tool.

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These are having very less maintenance (Rotary mechanism) compare to Pneumatic Tools with Air Compressor (in most of the cases reciprocating mechanism) and required about 1/3 of power. Also it gives freedom of using 1 or 1.5 H.P., instead of 20/30/50 H.P. compressor. As it is having an Induction motor no frequent of changing of armature & carbon brush.

About Flexible Shaft

Flexible shaft is a device for transmitting rotary motion between two objects which are not fixed relative to one another. It consists of a rotating wire rope or coil (known as Inner core) which is flexible but has some torsion stiffness. It is having a covering, (known as outer) which also bends but does not rotate. It transmits considerable power, with negligible friction.

In practical mechanics, a number of superimposed, tightly wound, helical coils spring wrapped around a centre wire. Because of its construction, the shaft can be bent, without fracture, to a much smaller radius than a solid shaft of the same outside diameter. The shaft is connected to the power source and the driven member by special fittings that are soldered or swaged on the ends of the shaft. For transmitting power around corners and for considerable distances, flexible shafts are usually cheaper and more convenient than belts, chains, or gears. Automobile speedometers are driven by flexible shafts, and such shafts are useful for portable tools such as sanders and grinders.

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In total the flex-shaft systems consists of four components the Grinder, flex. Shaft, hand piece and the tool.

In this first you have to select the proper tool considering your requirement. Then select the hand piece suitable to apply the tool. Then select the type and length of Flex. Shaft and tool holder. And according to this select the proper model of Grinder. You can have guidance from selection table given on this site.

Kaustubh Engineering Services give you various models to suit as per your application.

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