Year of Establishment 1994

We would like to introduce our selves as leading manufacturer of ‘FLEXIBLE SHAFT GRINDERS’ and its ‘Accessories’. Our product profile works / applies in the areas like Foundry Fettling Shop, Fabrication, Forging Shops, Rubber Retreading and the seemlier areas.

In last decade, due to achieving fully appreciation from our customers we want to reach new areas and customers. We are pleased to inform you that due to our simple and superior design, consistent quality, economical prices and always-available spares after sales. Various customers have linked with us for their requirement. The main basic advantage to purchase ‘Kaustubh’ grinders is to have freedom from frequent repairs of hand grinders, pneumatic tools and other flexible shaft grinders.

About Flexible Shaft Grinders

Flexible Shaft Grinders are widely used in most of the foundries producing Cast Iron, Steel casting, forging shop, various fabrication shops and rubber retreading. These are used for finishing operations to remove unwanted portion of the Job produced. It is most convenient method to finish the heavy or lengthen jobs, in which case it is not possible to move the job or to handle for grinding. The flexible shaft grinders give freedom to the operator to finish the job without handling it. The constant speed, high cutting speed, can be used in restricted areas are some of the added advantages of these grinders.

Flexible Shaft Grinder and its accessories

Flexible Shaft Grinder - Kaustubh Engineering Services - Hotgi Road

These are having very less maintenance (Rotary mechanism) compare to Pneumatic Tools with Air Compressor (in most of the cases reciprocating mechanism) and required about 1/3 of power. Also it gives freedom of using 1 or 1.5 H.P., instead of 20/30/50 H.P. compressor.

As it is having an Induction motor no frequent of changing of armature & carbon brush.

`Some of our special purpose foundry Machinery’

Pedestal Grinder - Kaustubh Engineering Services - Hotgi Road Kaustubh Engineering Services - Hotgi Road - Centrifugal Casting Machine

Centrifugal Casting Machine                                Pedestal Grinder

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